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tips for riding a burricleta

get in touch
with nature

the rural  electric bike
autoguided tours with GPS, with audio content


For Burricleta it’s a pleasure to share the authentic rural environment of Empordà with you. We want to favour the knowledge and enjoyment of a peaceful area and its natural products which are on offer from the local people.  The burricleta user respects nature and actively enjoys a natural, clean and cared for environment.  They know that the burricleta paniers are also for picking up rubbish that they might find.  While riding, pay attention to the environment and you will gradually fall into the athentic rural world. The burricleta likes to travel in a non-competitive way.



Adjust your speed to the circumstances and to the state of the path you’re travelling on.  When travelling on the road, keep the groups to a maximum of 6 burricletas and stay in single file.  Leave enough room between the different groups to allow other vehicles to over-take.  Remember that travelling on tracks and paths requires more attention, especially in using the brakes.  Consequently, moderate your speed and prioritise the use of the front (RIGHT HAND) brake over the back (LEFT HAND) brake to avoid a fall.  The burricleta doesn’t like getting a puncture so don’t leave the paths and avoid riding over shrubs and bushes that could easily puncture the tyres.  The burricleta leaves home on a full stomach so that you can enjoy it over many kilometres without recharging.  Even so, if you see that there are only 2 points of battery left during the tour, let us know and we’ll change it en-route.  The burricleta has been technically prepared so that its users can discover the natural environment in maximum comfort.  Even though burricleta puts all its efforts into making sure that our bikes work perfectly, an incident is possible.  In that case, you just need to phone us and in a few minutes, we’ll come and help you at whichever kilometre point you’re at.

Never touch any element near the chain without disconnecting the battery first.  In case of an accident, phone us immediately on 972 75 50 82, 664363521 to begin the established protocol for an accident.  If it’s an emergency and you can’t contact us, call 112.

You are in Catalonia, a country with a mediterranean climate with lots of forest.  In the summer, droughts raise the risk of forest fires and so it’s important to take precautions.  NEVER throw away lit cigarette stubs or matches.  Don’t use unauthorised barbacues.  Never leave rubbish or waste in the forest.  In case of fire in open country:  move away from it upwind and if you can move into the burnt area.  Cover your face with a wet a scarf or handkerchief to avoid the smoke.  Don’t seek shelter in wells or in caves.  Near rivers or the sea, move close to the water and if necessary, go into the water.


The GPS that you have in your hands were designed and made for maximum enjoyment of the burricleta.  We’ve progammed it to be very easy to use, but you just need to know a few things.

If you have a problem, restart it by turning it off and on with the top right hand button.  When it starts up and asks you if you want to continue the previous tour, press the V.  The audio recordings with cultural information are often in the towns or relevant places.  Pay attention.  A donkey will let you know and then you can confirm on the screen that you want to listen to it