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get in touch
with nature

the rural  electric bike
autoguided tours with GPS, with audio content

Be a host in your own area

Do you live in a rural area or in a place of natural interest?
Would you like to share parts of the area you live in?
Do you believe in ecotourism?
.... so join Burricleta, either as a Centre or a Stable.




What is Burricleta?

  • Burricleta is the first in ecotouristic experiences using electric bikes.
  • Years of experience managing our fleet and developing our own model of tourism puts us in a priviledged position as a benchmark for this activity.
  • To reach out further, we have formulated a network model.
  • The drive behind the Burricleta Network is the natural evolution of a business model based on a successful activity.


"Burricleta, first prize in 2011 for the Best Innovative Tourist Project of CETT (University of Barcelona)"


The Burricleta values:

  • The Burricleta activity allows the natural and social environment to work in harmony with its users.
  • We place great value on the cultural and natural heritage of our surroundings by providing cultural information in our self-guided tours
  • We offer a non-competitive activity which frees us from the restrictions of a watch and allows us to enjoy nature at a different pace.
  • We place great importance in seeing the genuine side of our surroundings by giving you the opportunity to discover yourself through a unique, fun, quality proposal


Burricleta is a solid brand which has been positioned in the electric bike tourist sector since 2010.

Our values relate to a very wide public profile that is looking for sustainable tourism, a growing tendency in the market.

We have a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Burricleta brand has been designed and studied to guarantee an authentic positive experience: From the promotional campaigns, through to the surroundings where we offer our services, the choice of a tour or the purchase of a bicycle. 

Share the Burricleta values.

Live in an area of suitable touristic interest.

Capacity to make a scalable investment.

Preferential space dedicated to Burricleta.

Establishment open during periods and dates relevant to the tourist industry.​

Activity companies


Accommodation: rural hotels, cottages, mountain refuges, campsites

Wine cellers

Authorities: town halls, tourist offices, tourist boards

Bike shops

​Farm shops

You can have a Burricleta Stable from 10.000€ and a Burricleta Centre from 19.000€, with everything you need to start the activity and with the possiblity of making more scalable investments.  With a membership fee from 17€ per month.

Specially designed and equiped burricletas to hire, designer helmets, locks, high performance GPS with Burricleta software for outdoor use, outdoor loudspeaker, troughs, labels, marketing material, burricleta uniform for customer service, manuals, training, burricleta locators, geolocation system via the web and mobiles, self-managed burricleta web page, subdomaine, promotional, advertising and marketing services for the brand, technical phone assistance, yearly preventative maintenance, access to hiring your own fleet out to large groups which are coordinated by the network, expansion of the fleet for special occasions... 

Who is who in the Burricleta network:


The Burricleta Master creates, develops, promotes, markets, manages and coordinates the Burricleta Network.

The Burricleta Centres develop the burricleta model in an active way in their own areas, promoting and marketing Burricleta tours, Burricleta tourist points, Burricleta Accommodation and Burricleta electric bikes in their exclusive zones.

The Burricleta Stables are smaller than the Burricleta Centres and are designed to enhance and complement an existing business with a new ecotouristic activity package.

The Burricleta Tourist Points are accredited establishments for burricleta which open seasonally or all year and receive the service and the bicycles through an existing Burricleta Centre.

The Burricleta Accommodation are accredited Burricleta establishments that offer tours exclusively to their clients with burricletas and the services from the corresponding Burricleta Centre in the area.


Experience and first hand knowledge mean that the Burricleta touristic Tours system works out between 2 and 5 times cheaper than doing it independantly, not counting the worries and stress that are avoided along the way.

If you want to find out more, contact burricleta:


Currently we are looking to open new Centres and Stables in Catalonia.  We are particularly looking for candidates in La Garrotxa and Terres de l’Ebre where we already have successful planned business models.